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View photos and video from edcampMumbai 2013 at LINEglobal’s Flickr and LINEglobal’s YouTube


“It’s always great to learn new everyday-teaching processes. It was everything we expected. To many more such Edcamps in Mumbai!” –Saisha Mansukhani, Junior School Co-ordinator, Aditya Birla World Academy

“A great platform to collaborate. The morning session with Sree was amazing as I think, in the 21st Century, social and digital media awareness is important.” – Silky Vyas Teacher Librarian (K-5) , Ecole Mondiale World School

“It was certainly more than what I had expected.  Chalk and talk method is outdated and that is exactly what we are doing here learning from other educators – sharing knowledge, resources, thought processes and ideas.” – Trupti Rawal, Director’s Office, C. N. Vidyavihar, Ahmedabad

“Firstly, I was surprised when I was told that there is no fixed agenda. But everything fell in place in the morning. The whole idea that knowledge is not centered in a couple of people is fabulous! Exceeded my expectation.” – Sumeet Mehta, Leadership Boulevard

“I like the idea of no pre-decided agenda. On the spot you get to decide the sessions that you wish to attend. It has been a wholesome experience.” –Vijay Sharma, ASIC Design Engineer/Theoretical Physicist 

“As an American educator in India, it is very exciting to see a country that has made great strides in monumental challenge of simply getting kids into classrooms now begin grappling with the more important questions of education. The work of LINEglobal generated conversations and sharing of ideas through their recent work in Mumbai that are essential for Indian schools seeking to be leaders in 21st century education and preparing children for an India that will see many exciting changes in the years ahead. LINEglobal has the potential to inform, teach, and inspire educators to find the common needs of all students while also celebrating the unique qualities of two very diverse cultures.” – Daniel Smith, Head of School at Mosaica International School of Hyderabad